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Part III: Studying the Bible Prayerfully & Obediently

Wow! All I can say is some days are better than others!


Part III: How to Study the Bible

Why study the bible? They list off quite a few reasons people read their bibles and I can honestly say I have read the bible for all different sorts of reasons! Mainly just to know God better and to be intentional. He wants to have a relationship with us. He knows everything about us…..we in turn should want to know everything about Him. Reading scripture shouldn’t just be a check off list or FAQ checklist. He wants to be intimate with us! He desires our hearts to long for Him! It’s difficult to want to share Him with others tho……I’m selfish more often than not. It’s hard to disciple others and teach others about his love for them! Sometimes I just want to bottle him up and keep him for myself! I don’t feel like sharing him with others! But that’s not what he wants from us. That’s not written in his letter to us. In fact it’s quite the opposite : ) Did you watch the video?

Part II: The Global Church

Lots of captivating questions in this chapter!! Did you pray about helping spread Gods message in a different part of the country? Did you ever think that God may have plans for you elsewhere? What about the possibility of helping those right here in your own neighborhood hear about his love? I think God would have us do both! He wants us to be here and overseas! He wants us fully invested in helping and praying for those around us locally and abroad! It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we are all working together for the common goal of bringing the lost and unsaved to Christ. We are all on the same team : )

Part II: The Local Church

Our focus should be an outward focus. Easier said than done sometimes. We are supposed to be helping those within our body but yet should be focussing on those outside our body as well?? Interestingly enough is the scripture from Matthew 5:14-16 talking about us being the “light of the world” (which was discussed in the sermon today at church). It seems very difficult to execute this as planned sometimes. We all need to be using our gifts God gave us in order to make this happen. But can’t always make this happen without loving the folks in the same body in the first place, at least in the context of love that the author talked about in the last chapter…..but then comes that unconditional love that God has for us!! We only love because He first loved us! That’s crazy love. Are we capable of loving others that way? Are we showing our love for Him in return? Are we showing the body His love? Are we mirroring His love so that other people take notice? We have to love one another in the body in order to have unity. Interesting chapter…..did you watch the video that goes along with it yet?

Part II Living as the Church

Reading about life in the church. It says church is Gods strategy for reaching the world. It’s not about programs and events. Those thing are important but more importantly is the way we love one another inside the church and the people we interact with outside the church. Are we bearing each others burdens? In a real way? That’s where it matters most. It’s important to be connected with one another in the church body so that we can bear each others burdens! Keep reading….. : )