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Part IV: Exodus and Redemption

I liked how they talked about Gods wrath in this chapter. So often we don’t want to think that God would show his wrath and anger. Surely he wouldn’t actually kill the firstborn sons!! But he has to show us his judgment otherwise we wouldn’t believe in Him or what He has done for us! We wouldn’t be able to disciple others without showing them that God does what he says he is going to do! We have to be able to trust in his promises no matter how difficult life’s struggles are for us. He is our redeemer and savior! Good video presentation again for this chapter. I could do without the holding of books and bibles tho as props LOL : )


Part IV: Gods covenant with Abraham

This is definitely a must watch video for this chapter!! Great examples of redemption and faith! This is something to remember and be able to teach to others in an easy sort of way. To think of that covenant that God made with Abraham? Wow! You have to go back and read Genesis!! Really puts into perspective the covenant that God has with all of us as well!! Read it!! 🙂

Part IV: The Fall

Crazy to think back to what that day must have felt like for God and Adam and Eve and even Satan! How a piece of fruit caused so many things to change. And the ripple effect of how that day affected all of mankind. We still see the results of their sin today. So difficult to grasp yet we still try to be in control of our own lives today. We try to be apart from God everyday. We swim in our sins and expect Him to be at our beck and call when we need something. Then we question His authority when things don’t go the way WE planned. We are no different in today’s time than Adam and Eve were back in the garden that day. I just mean we share the same struggles that they did. Incredible!

Part IV: Creation

Wow! What a great reading this week! The study of creation: Genesis chapters 1 & 2. This is a great start with a new disciple. To show them the magnitude of God and how he made us in His image. How He created everything! How He made us to be in relationship with Him! Unless of course they don’t believe in that lol…..then it would be an even greater conversation with a new disciple! Either way you can’t help but get fired up when talking about The Creator of our existence.

Part III: Studying Logically

This was a good refresher chapter on how to dig into some scripture, find out what it meant back then and how to apply it to our lives today. Lots of details and examples on how to achieve that. Especially when trying to disciple or show someone else how to study the Bible. The video was informative on the topic as well. Really difficult may I add to help someone, especially new believers, grasp this. Although not impossible : )