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Part V: 6 The End Of The Story

Read Matthew 28:18-20 and that sums up this whole book : )
I hope you enjoyed this study and have been inspired to GO and Multiply!! Remember to pray and ask God to affect your heart in such a way as to want to make a difference and tell others about His plan!
Thanks again for following along : )


Part V: 5 Good News For All Nations

In this chapter the authors really stress the fact that God Wants everyone!! Nobody is beyond his availability and it’s up to US to bring people into a relationship with him! He wants everyone to be saved and to come to know him. All nations! We have to reach out to all nations. Everyone should pray about being missionary. Even if it means right here in your own back yard! : ) He is available to everyone but only if we share Him with others. Watch the video lesson for this week and spend some time in prayer……just GO and wait for Him to tell you to STOP! Lol