Part IV: 8 The Kingdom of God

The video lesson this week was good. It helped to illustrate the chapter better. This lesson was about how God is our King and we are to advance His kingdom by making disciples!! He wants to be King in our lives. After so many kings trying to lead the way and failing in their attempts God becomes their King (and ours)! He just wants us to bring more people into the kingdom 🙂 He loves us!


Part IV: 7 -Gods Presence on Earth

It starts off…. Does anything matter more than Gods presence with us? What could be worse than being separated from Almighty God? This whole chapter was about Gods presence. It shows His presence in the Old Testament in the Garden and in the Tabernacle. Then the book references the making of the temple and Gods presence there. I highly recommend the suggested bible scripture reading with each of these. It really helps to understand why His presence in our lives is so crucial. We need Him dwelling in us and around us in other people. If we are going to disciple someone God must be present in our life so that we can disciple. We need to explain why it was so important for Jesus to be present here on earth with us. He was “fully man” just like us!! It was a great example the authors used in the video presentation also this week. You have to watch it.

Part IV: Sacrifice and Atonement

Did you spend time going back and reading the suggested chapters this week? Leviticus 16? What about Hebrews 9:11-10:25? It was great reading about the Old Testament System of sacrifice and atonement!! Really makes you understand how amazing this was that God would sacrifice his only son for us!!! How significant Jesus’s death was. Did you watch the video too…..short, but convincing. It is weird how we try to make good for our sins. We do wrong so we try to “do right” for a little while before we talk to Him about it…..when all the while the price has been paid! We just need to confess and turn from our sins. We can’t DO good to make up for it…..this is difficult to show others, especially a non believer that we are discipling……crazy stuff! What a strange concept to grasp and explain 🙂

Part IV: Gods Covenant with Moses

I was having a hard time following this chapter for some reason?? Maybe just having trouble focussing but it felt like it didn’t flow from the last chapter. Once I watched the video tho it made more sense I guess. When we are discipling someone it’s tough to show them how God wants them to encounter Him! He wants them to have a relationship with Him! He wants them to follow his laws but not in a legalistic way…..that is difficult to show someone that. In this chapter the authors reference the covenant God made with Moses but I felt there was a lack of connection with the video this week. You need to watch it anyway and tell me your thoughts.

Part IV: Exodus and Redemption

I liked how they talked about Gods wrath in this chapter. So often we don’t want to think that God would show his wrath and anger. Surely he wouldn’t actually kill the firstborn sons!! But he has to show us his judgment otherwise we wouldn’t believe in Him or what He has done for us! We wouldn’t be able to disciple others without showing them that God does what he says he is going to do! We have to be able to trust in his promises no matter how difficult life’s struggles are for us. He is our redeemer and savior! Good video presentation again for this chapter. I could do without the holding of books and bibles tho as props LOL : )

Part IV: Gods covenant with Abraham

This is definitely a must watch video for this chapter!! Great examples of redemption and faith! This is something to remember and be able to teach to others in an easy sort of way. To think of that covenant that God made with Abraham? Wow! You have to go back and read Genesis!! Really puts into perspective the covenant that God has with all of us as well!! Read it!! 🙂

Part IV: The Fall

Crazy to think back to what that day must have felt like for God and Adam and Eve and even Satan! How a piece of fruit caused so many things to change. And the ripple effect of how that day affected all of mankind. We still see the results of their sin today. So difficult to grasp yet we still try to be in control of our own lives today. We try to be apart from God everyday. We swim in our sins and expect Him to be at our beck and call when we need something. Then we question His authority when things don’t go the way WE planned. We are no different in today’s time than Adam and Eve were back in the garden that day. I just mean we share the same struggles that they did. Incredible!